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Subacute & Subchronic Toxicity

The Biocompatibility Subacute and Subchronic Toxicity Test is used to discover the effects a material with repeat exposure would have on a patient, including any compound toxicity effects. It determines the systemic effect of repeated doses of materials or their extracts for no less than 24 hours and no greater than 10% of the total lifespan of the test animal. This Biocompatibility Subacute/Subchronic Toxicity testing complies with ISO 10993-11.

Download the biocompatibility test matrix. [Based on ISO 10993-1:2010 (E) and FDA “Use of international standard ISO 10993-1”]

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 10993

Study Outline

In the Biocompatibility Subacute/Subchronic Toxicity test, mice or rats will be administered, intravenously or intraperitoneally, a dose of 0.9% normal saline or cotton seed extract of the test article/vehicle control 14 times over a 14-day test period. Animals will be observed once daily for signs of toxicity. Animal weights will be recorded on Day 0, Day 7, and Day 14. On Day 14, blood samples will be collected for hematology and clinical chemistry analysis. A gross necropsy will be performed, and any lesions will be collected. The tissues listed in the appendix will be collected and submitted for histopathology.

Testing Locations

  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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