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Systemic Toxicity Test

The Acute Systemic Injection test provides general information on health hazards likely to arise from an acute exposure from a medical device or chemical material. The animals are dosed, intravenously and/or intraperitoneally, with test article extracts or the liquid chemical, and then observed at 24 ± 2, 48 ± 2, and 72 ± 2 hours for various signs of toxicity.

The Material Mediated Pyrogen evaluates the ability of a chemical agent or other substance in/on a medical device to produce a pyrogenic response. The animals are dosed with the test article extract via intravenous injection and observed for 3 hours. This observation period is looking for a temperature change of less than +0.5°C in each animal.

These tests can be performed on any device that would contact the interior of a patient’s body. These tests comply with the ISO 10993-11 and ISO 10993-12 standards.

Download the biocompatibility test matrix. [Based on ISO 10993-1:2010 (E) and FDA “Use of international standard ISO 10993-1”]

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 10993-11
  • ISO 10993-12
  • USP <151>

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