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We know that our purpose is greater than our services.

That’s why responsibility is integral to everything we do – it’s the foundation of what we stand for and what we strive to achieve.

Across our global network, we approach our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives with the same passion, dedication, and commitment as the mission-critical services we provide. This, in turn, has made us a respected leader in our industry, a position we work to earn every day.

2023 Sotera Health Corporate Responsibility Report

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Becoming WISE:
Women in STEM Education at Nelson Labs

The Nelson Labs’ WISE committee was founded in 2015 with a mission to promote STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—careers and education for women at Nelson Laboratories and to extend the committee’s passion for STEM to the community.

Participation in this committee allows all Nelson Labs’ employees, regardless of gender or job title, to unite and give back to the community by educating, mentoring, and inspiring youth to pursue a career in a STEM field. The WISE committee is currently made up of 30 members, unified by a love of science, with each contributing a unique perspective. The WISE committee believes that representation and diversity matter, and it aims to show upcoming generations that the STEM field can be made up of anyone who is passionate about science.

Nelson Hope

Nelson Hope aims to improve the quality of life by immersing ourselves in the community and sharing the time, talents, and spirit of our unique family culture. Founded in 2008 by a group of employees, this committee has volunteered for and contributed to over 30 charities within Utah, supporting many on an annual basis. Whether it’s volunteering to serve lunch in a homeless shelter, holding a used book fair to gather donations, or helping the local animal shelter increase pet adoption, Nelson Hope gives back where it matters most.

Charities supported include:
• Ronald McDonald House
• Muscular Dystrophy Association
• Huntsman Cancer Institute
• ARUP blood drive
• Utah Food Bank


Supporting Animal-Free Testing

Nelson Labs is committed to the development, regulatory acceptance, and validation of New Approach Methods (NAMs) to reduce reliance on animal testing within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. One key way we support animal-free testing is by offering a range of in vitro and ex vivo testing methods that do not require the use of animals.

For example, Nelson Labs provides a range of biocompatibility tests, including cell culture tests and material characterization assays, that can be used to assess the potential toxicity and compatibility of medical devices without the use of animals. We also offer a variety of other non-animal tests, such as genetic toxicology assays and in vitro irritation tests.

In addition to these testing methods, Nelson Labs provides consulting services to help clients develop animal-free testing strategies and navigate regulatory requirements related to animal testing. We are committed to promoting the use of alternative testing methods and supporting the development of more humane and sustainable testing practices while Safeguarding Global Health®.


Global Code of Conduct

We are proud to share with you our Global Code of Conduct (the “Code”), which outlines the principles under which we conduct business. Our Company is committed to operating with the highest level of ethical standards, delivering on our promises, and protecting our assets and reputation in a rapidly changing global environment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sotera Health, together with its affiliates and business units including Sterigenics, Nordion, and Nelson Labs, is committed to meeting the highest of ethical standards. Our suppliers play an important role in helping us to achieve these standards.