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Meet Our Experts

Our highly qualified team of more than 100 experts around the globe understand that every product impacts a patient’s life. This page allows you to meet some of the thought leaders of Nelson Labs.

Alpa Patel

Director of Scientific Improvement and Reprocessing Expert

Anja Cerstiaens, PhD

Director E&L Services

Annick Gillet

EO/EtO Sterilization Expert

Aryo Nikopour

Pharmaceutical Expert

Audrey Turley

Director of Expert Advisory Services & Biocompatibility Expert

Bryce Telford

Bioburden, Microbiology, and Sterilization Expert

Candace Fox, PhD

Virology Expert

Dennis Jenke, PhD

Principal Consultant

Dries Cardoen, PhD

Inhalation, Transdermal, and Topical Drugs and E&L Expert

Frank De Smedt, PhD

Lab Operations Expert

Gregory Grams

Sterilization Expert

Griffin Cammack

Reprocessing Expert

Helin Räägel, PhD

Biocompatibility Expert

Janelle (Jeni) Lauer, PhD

Biocompatibility Expert

Jordan Elder

Regulatory Affairs Expert

Karen Pieters

Large Volume Parenterals, Ophthalmics, and Disposables
Senior E&L Expert

Katrina (Katy) Hurst, PhD

Biocompatibility Expert

Kelly Burningham

Virology Expert

Lee Wence, PhD

Toxicology Expert

Lise Vanderkelen, PhD

Pharmaceuticals and Microbiology Expert

Lucas Ma

Biocompatibility Expert

Margaret (Maggie) Butler, PhD

Antimicrobials and Biofilms Expert

Martell Winters

Scientific Competency Expert

Nancy Vanderlinden

Small Volume Parenteral Drug Products
Senior E&L Expert

Nathan Fredrick

Toxicology Expert

Nicole Palluck

EO/EtO Sterilization Expert

Piet Christiaens, PhD

Scientific Director, E&L Expert

Raymond Colton

E&L Expert

Russell Griggs

Clinical Antiseptics and Biofilms Expert

Sarah Campbell, PhD

Toxicology Expert

Shiri Hechter

Analytical Chemistry Testing Expert

Susan Schniepp

Pharmaceuticals Quality Assurance Expert

Terri Eastman

Antimicrobials Expert

Thor Rollins

Biocompatibility Expert