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Janelle ‘Jeni’ Lauer

Janelle ‘Jeni’ Lauer

Biocompatibility Expert

Dr. Lauer is a seasoned scientist with extensive expertise in protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry, cell biology, and physiology. Dr Lauer’s academic work included 15 years designing and synthesizing peptides and mini-proteins with defined 3D architecture. With a cancer biology focus, this work helped map cell binding sites to extracellular matrix proteins and to better understand the mechanism of collagen hydrolysis. Expanding on this work, she spent more than a decade studying protein backbone dynamics to better understand the structure-function relationships in nuclear receptors and proteins involved in intracellular trafficking. Dr. Lauer has contributed to 75 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Currently, she is working as a biocompatibility expert with the Expert Advisory Services team at Nelson Labs.

At Nelson Labs she utilizes her chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology experience as well as academic research acumen to create solutions for sponsors