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Hydrostatic Pressure

The Hydrostatic Pressure test evaluates a material’s resistance to water penetration. Products such as gowns, drapes, and barrier fabrics are required by AAMI PB70 and EN 13795 to undergo this test. This test is also used for 510(k) submissions to the FDA. All testing meets the criteria set forth in AATCC 127, ISO 811, INDA IST 80.6, and AAMI PB70. Nelson Labs can perform all the required tests listed in AAMI PB70.

Applicable Standards

  • INDA
  • AATCC 127
  • AAMI PB70
  • EN 13795
  • ISO 811
  • INDA 80.6

Testing Locations

Study Outline

The Hydrostatic Pressure test specimen is clamped into the hydrostatic head tester (FX3000) and pressure is increased at a rate of 60 cm H2O per minute or 10 cm H2O per minute. The face side of the specimen is challenged directly with the water and the reverse side observed for fluid penetration. The hydrostatic pressure at which fluid penetration occurs in three areas of the specimen is recorded.

  • If testing to comply with the AAMI PB70, please note on sampling details as well as classification requirement.
  • If testing to comply with ISO 811, please note which rate of increase is needed (60 or 10).

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