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Disinfectant Efficacy

Disinfectant and Sanitizer Testing Services

Nelson Labs Bozeman has streamlined our processes, as well as our pricing structure, to better meet the expectations of our customers. We now have an accelerated study initiation and protocol process to help move your studies into the lab and provide quality data as quickly as possible.

Our microbiologists perform hard-surface-disinfectant and -sanitizer testing for both EPA and Health Canada guidelines. Whether your product is a germicidal spray, towelette, or concentrate, we can help you with your product testing and labeling claims.

These tests are performed by contaminating test carriers with test organisms, drying them, and then exposing them to the disinfectant for a specified contact time. Post-treatment results can be produced either qualitatively or quantitatively, depending on the test method.

Test Codes

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  • DCT101
    Cleanroom Disinfection Validation (Time-Kill Surface)

Testing Locations

  • Bozeman, MT, USA

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