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Water Content Testing

Water Content Testing

The Water Content Determination test provides for the analysis of water or hydrate in drugs, chemicals, or materials such as solids, powders, bone or tissue. Since many drugs or materials contain water or hydrates, which can affect the efficacy and shelf life of the product this testing aids in determining the effects of moisture on these products, and may be used to verify compliance with Pharmacopeial standards.

This test is performed in accordance to USP General Chapter 921, which discusses Water Determination. Nelson Laboratories can accommodate customers’ specific needs.

Applicable Standards

  • USP 921 Method C

Test Options

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KFT110 Water Content by Karl-Fischer Titration Add
KFT110 - Water Content by Karl-Fischer Titration

Study Outline

Water Content Determination testing can be conducted with one of two methods:

Moisture Residue test: This is a gravimetric procedure that evaluates the moisture content of a sample material by weight. It is often used when moisture content is expected to be in the milligram or gram range and ample material is available for testing.

The test is performed by initially weighing a representative amount of material and then heating the material in an oven to drive off the moisture. Samples are cooled in a desiccator and then re-weighed. This is repeated until a stable final weight is achieved. Moisture residue is often used to indicate moisture contamination of a product. Nelson Laboratories bases this test on AOAC Method 965.08 and is able to offer a quick turnaround time.

Karl Fischer moisture test: This is a coulometric determination of water. This method is used for the analysis of water in the microgram or part-per-million range and is not recommended for samples containing high percent values of moisture.

The coulometric titration is paired with a sample charger with an integrated drying oven for automatic determination of water according to Kark Fischer. The water content of up to 13 samples, a blank value and drift can be analyzed in one single sample series.

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