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Spray Impact

What Is A Spray Impact Test?

The Spray Impact Test measures a material’s resistance to water penetration under contact with sprayed water. It is performed on materials such as gowns and drapes. This test is necessary for 510(k) submissions to the FDA and to classify gowns and drapes for marketing with a level 1 – 4 per AAMI PB70 document. The test is performed in compliance with AATCC Test Method 42, and AAMI PB70. In addition to this test, Nelson Labs can perform all AAMI PB70 testing.

Applicable Standards

  • AAMI PB70
  • AATCC 42
  • IEST 80.3
  • ISO

Study Outline

The Spray Impact test measures water penetration using a spray head. The center of the test specimen is positioned at a 45° angle, 0.6m below the spray head. A 500 mL aliquot of deionized water is allowed to pass through the spray head and directly onto the surface of the test specimen. A preweighed blotter paper is placed under the test specimen. Water penetration is determined by comparing the initial blotter weight with the weight after exposure.

If testing to comply with AAMI PB70, please refer to sampling details as well as classification requirements.

Testing Locations

  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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