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Jennifer Gygi

Jennifer Gygi

Packaging Expert

Jennifer Gygi is an Expert Technical Consultant at Nelson Laboratories; a microbiological testing company specializing in improving the quality of life by ensuring medical products are safe, sterile, and functional. Jennifer has over 26 years of laboratory experience at Nelson Labs. She has worked in the Microbiology, Bioburden, Organism IDs, Packaging and QC Validations groups. As one of the original members of the packaging group, Jennifer has unique insights into how the packaging tests work, including pitfalls and failure points. Jennifer was also involved with all the packaging validations, new methods and documents in her 14 years in the group.

In addition to packaging expertise, Jennifer has a sound understanding of Microbiology tests and concepts and was certified as both a Registered Microbiolgist and Specialist Microbiologist by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). Jennifer serves on American Standards and Testing Materials (ASTM) packaging committees and gives frequent presentations on packaging test methodology, selection and validation.