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Nelson Labs Automates Bacterial Endotoxin Test

Nelson Labs’ bacterial endotoxin (BET) test is now fully automated! As of August 2013, the new paperless system generates final reports directly from raw data entered into the endotoxin testing software. As soon as the raw data and final report have been reviewed and electronically approved, the final report is instantaneously uploaded to the Nelson secure portal. This electronic process releases results more rapidly, reduces opportunities for human error, and increases final report consistency.

bacterial endotoxin test

The streamlined automated BET, eliminates non-value added activities such as transcribing data, printing forms, making copies, and mailing final reports. NLI’s electronic system includes multiple alerts and verifications to ensure test quality. By verifying details–extraction times, equipment calibration, accuracy of dilution concentrations, and final result calculations—opportunities for human error are diminished.

Key benefits realized by this automation process include:

  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Increased quality through error reduction
  • Implementation of electronic signatures
  • Elimination of hand calculations
  • Elimination of redundant data entry in multiple systems
  • Increased environmentally friendliness
  • System verification of equipment calibration
  • System of verification of reagent acceptability

Nelson Laboratories offers bacterial endotoxin testing for medical devices that contact directly or indirectly patient cardiovascular systems, lymphatic systems, or cerebrospinal fluid. Pharmaceuticals administered by injection or may also require BET analysis.

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