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Skin Care and Cosmetic Testing

Moisturization Testing

Moisturization assessments are commonly performed at Nelson Labs Bozeman using various specialized bioinstrumentation, including TEWL, Corneometer, Mexameter, Visoscan & Skicon, as well as board-certified dermatologists. We have the experience and expertise to get your moisturizer on the market.

The following is a list of our bioinstrumentation equipment procedures:

  • Leg Controlled Application Technique (LCAT) – Estimates the relative skin irritation potential
  • Forearm Controlled Application Technique (FCAT) – Estimates the relative skin irritation potential
  • Corneometer – Measures epidermal water content, which is an indicator of dryness and damaged skin
  • Tewameter – Measures the rate of transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which is an indicator of damaged skin
  • VISIA imagery – Measures several qualities of the skin, such as scaliness and wrinkling, by means of digital scanning and subsequent computer analysis of the scan/image
  • Digital photography – Provides visual display of the skin for subjective pre- and post-application comparisons
  • D-Squame – Provides an indicator of dryness, harvests, and preserves for enumeration of epidermal squamae by adhesively lifting them from the skin
  • Skicon – A non-invasive technique that uses high-frequency conductance to measure skin hydration

Our scientific personnel are trained extensively for visual evaluation of skin conditions, and we also can provide board-certified dermatologists for studies of products requiring dermatologically tested claims.

Subjective Product Claim Support

50-Subject Panels for Subjective Product-Claim Support

Nelson Labs Bozeman can help generate data to support product claims for in-home use over time. Consumer preference claims can be designed to support product development (e.g., fragrance, feel, and ease of use) or they can be designed to compare the product to another product or a placebo control. We can help you determine the best design to generate robust data, whatever your testing goals may be.

The testing generally includes the following:

  • Panel of 50 test subjects
  • Up to 15 questions
  • Basic descriptive statistics
  • Demographic information
  • Two lab visits (one visit to receive the product and another to return it and answer a questionnaire)
  • For products that are not marketed or considered a drug, an IRB may be required for an additional fee. There is no need for an IRB for products that are already marketed.

Test Codes

If you would like to inquire about any of the services listed on this page, please submit the quote request form below.

  • CSK301
    Clinical Skin Care: Moisturization
  • CSK311
    Clinical Skin Care: Cosmetic evaluation
  • CSK312
    Clinical Skin Care: Sunscreen evaluation
  • CSK314
    Clinical Skin Care: Microbiome Study

Testing Locations

  • Bozeman, MT, USA

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