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Persistance Evaluations

Cup Scrub for Persistence

This antimicrobial effectiveness testing may be used to evaluate if a test product has persistent Log₁₀ reductions post-application. This post-application evaluation may be conducted at time points as far out as 72 hours from the last product application.

Trained technicians apply the test product to a subject’s skin at a number of locations equal to the number of time-points for the various challenge microorganisms. At those specified time-points, the inoculum is applied to test and control sites for a duration of time per the study method. At the predetermined time-points, a steel cylinder for sampling is placed over the inoculum and the opposing control sites, and the areas are scrubbed with a sterile fluid with neutralizers. The reductions in the population of challenge microorganisms attributable to persistent antimicrobial activity are calculated in percent and/or Log₁₀ scale as the difference between the control-site population and the test-site population recovered for each timepoint.

Test Codes

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  • CAS104
    Clinical Antiseptic: Cup Scrub Persistence - ASTM E2752

Testing Locations

  • Bozeman, MT, USA

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