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Nelson Laboratories to Launch New Website

Nelson Laboratories will debut a new website on July 27th. We are pleased to announce that our site will now offer our customers the ability to self-generate an online quotation and Sample Submission Form. In addition, the site features improved test descriptions, searches and access to pricing. We expect that these improvements will simplify your efforts to find, quote and submit your test samples.

The first and most visible change is the design and simplicity of the Homepage. The new Homepage is much easier to navigate and simplifies access to your most commonly requested pages.

The new Homepage focuses on:

  • Find a Test
  • Talk to an Expert
  • Request a Quote
  • Submit Samples
  • Technical Education

We have made significant updates and improvements to the Find a Test function. This new function now includes full test descriptions and associated standards along with pricing, turn-around-time and sample size requirements. Overall the pages provide a more complete source for all testing information.

A new and exciting feature on the new site is the Request a Quote function. This self-guided feature allows you to find the tests you need and configure your own estimated quotation.  It allows you to obtain a quotation anytime and anywhere.

Another new feature is the Submit Samples function. This function is an online guided Sample Submission Form that allows you to input any assortment of tests with all the required instructions. This new form may be saved, emailed and printed to simplify the sample submission process.

Both Request a Quote and Submit Samples will also allow you to capture your desired tests directly from your test search. Simply by clicking the Add button, your selected test(s) will be placed in the appropriate online submission.

The new website will also help you stay more connected to Nelson Laboratories experts. The Talk to an Expert feature will be prominently featured on the Homepage and will make it easier to ask questions about regulatory requirements, testing options, sample submissions and more.

At Nelson Laboratories our commitment to excellent service includes opportunities for technical education. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you’ve ordered the correct test(s) for your device. For this purpose we have made it easier to find educational items such as blogs, webinars, and news articles throughout the site.

We hope you’ll take a moment on, July 27th, to visit the new www.nelsonlabs.com. Please be sure to bookmark this new page to assure that you return to the desired page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, for the feedback you have provided, which has resulted in this new and improved website.  Also, we are very interested in your feedback and we would appreciate your time in letting us know if this new website meets your expectations, or if you have ideas for improvement.