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Virucidal-Efficacy Testing for Submission to Regulatory Agencies

Published Date: June 22, 2022

Virucidal-efficacy testing is a type of testing that is used to determine the effect of disinfectants or antiseptic products on viruses. Antiviral testing describes methodologies applied to study antiviral drugs. Virucidal products are aimed at reducing or eliminating viruses from inanimate surfaces (disinfectants, antimicrobial coated surfaces) and human skin (antiseptics). Antiviral drugs target viral diseases of humans or animals.

This webinar provides a general overview of methodologies for virucidal-efficacy testing that are recognized by different regulatory agencies and used for virucidal label claims. The webinar will include details on critical testing requirements and acceptance criteria of current standardized and modified methodologies applied by the Virology Laboratory at Nelson Laboratories Bozeman.

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Volha Teagle

Department Scientist, Virology

Prior to joining Nelson Laboratories, Dr. Teagle worked for 15 years as a Principal Scientist and the Virology Laboratory Manager at BioScience laboratories, Inc. which became a part of the Nelson Labs family in 2021. Dr. Teagle gained post-doctoral experience working with Varicella Zoster virus at the CDC in Atlanta. She leads Viral Clearance and other studies and provides scientific support to the study directors in the Virology Lab at Nelson Labs Bozeman.

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