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Mass Extraction: Container Closure “CCIT” for Rigid Containers

Published Date: May 31, 2019

Mass extraction is a relatively new container closure integrity test which is included on the USP 1207 list of approved deterministic CCIT test methods. This webinar explains the basic methodology behind a mass extraction test, the advantages of mass extraction testing over other CCI methods, and how the test is performed.

By the end of this webinar you should know:

1. Why CCIT tests are preformed?

2. What kinds of samples are suitable for mass extraction testing?

3. How a mass extraction test is performed?

4. How to interpret mass extraction results?

Presenter: Jennifer Gygi, Department Scientist

Jennifer Gygi

Packaging Department Scientist

Jennifer Gygi has over 25 years of medical device laboratory experience. She has worked in the Microbiology, Bioburden, IDs, and Packaging sections at Nelson Labs. Jennifer has experience with various microbial tests, including microbial limits, plate counts, Biological Indicator population verifications, organism ID tests and bioburden tests. Jennifer has spent the last 15 years working in the Packaging group. As one of the original packaging group members at Nelson Labs, Jennifer was heavily involved in validating all the packaging test methods and equipment and writing the test procedures for the packaging tests performed at Nelson Labs. Jennifer is a participating member on the ASTM F02 committee for packaging and is registered as a Specialist Microbiologist with ASM.

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