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EPA Regulatory and Testing Guidelines for Residual Efficacy: How to Make Antimicrobial Product Claims

Published Date: December 20, 2022

With the recent implementation of the EPA guidance for residual efficacy claims for antimicrobial products, there is a lot to understand when looking to make a claim for a residual sanitizing test substance.

This webinar provides a top-down summary of what each of these methods is intended to accomplish and which method(s) may be the best fit for your test substance. Specifically, the webinar provides insight into how the results of a residual-efficacy evaluation for submission to the EPA can best be gathered, interpreted, and presented for the sponsor’s submission.

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Grady Wertman

Study Director

Grady has worked at BioScience Laboratories for 8 years. He started in December 2013 as a laboratory technician without any lab experience, but since that time he has become a study director (Study Director III once integrated into Nelson Laboratories). He has made it his goal to learn and deeply understand any and all methods utilized. Grady holds undergraduate degrees in Cellular Biology/Neuroscience and Microbiology from the Montana State University – Bozeman. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and cooking anything on his Traeger, while enjoying the requisite beverage(s), of course.

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