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Controlled Substance Information

Nelson Labs (NL) is registered as an analytical lab by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to handle controlled substances (Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V). The DEA registration for Nelson Labs can be found within the audit certifications packet, which is located on the quality page.

For controlled substance related questions, please contact our Service Center.

A $286 charge will be applied for every study containing controlled substances.  Fees may vary for complex or extremely hazardous materials.

Process for schedule I and II controlled substances

  1. Prior to sending Schedule I and II controlled substances for testing, provide the following information to the contact(s) listed above:
    • DEA registration
    • The number of packages of controlled substance to be sent
    • The size of package
    • The name of the controlled substance
  2. Once this information is received by NL, a DEA Form 222 will be completed and shipped to the supplier’s registered location.

Process for Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances
No DEA Form 222 is needed; package controlled substances according to the packing and shipping recommendations below.

Packing and shipping recommendations
Prior to shipping, please refer to our Hazardous Materials Information page

  • Package controlled substances in sealed, tamper-evident containers or packages.
  • External shipping containers should not indicate that the package contains controlled contents.
  • Indicate on the Nelson Labs Sample Submission Form that the samples are a controlled substance.
  • Select common or contract carriers that provide adequate security to guard against in-transit losses and chain of custody.