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Codes of Conduct

Global Code of Conduct

We are proud to share with you our Global Code of Conduct, which outlines the principles under which we conduct business. Our Company is committed to operating with the highest level of ethical standards, delivering on our promises, and protecting our assets and reputation in a rapidly changing global environment. This Code is the embodiment of that commitment.

– Download our Global Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sotera Health, together with its affiliates and business units including Sterigenics, Nordion, and Nelson Labs, is committed to meeting the highest of ethical standards. Our suppliers play an important role in helping us to achieve these standards. We have created this Supplier Code of Business Ethics and Conduct to set forth the standards and practices that our suppliers are required to meet, which we will use to evaluate and assess supplier performance on a regular basis.

– Download our Supplier Code of Conduct.