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Capacity Enhancements in our Healthcare Reprocessing Lab in Leuven, Belgium

Many good things are happening within our Healthcare Processing Team at our facility in Leuven, Belgium (GLP certified and ISO17025 accredited). Over the past year, we’ve experienced a notable uptick in test requests from medical device manufacturers. This surge has presented our team with a unique opportunity to make several enhancements, not only to meet the increased demand but also to further optimize the quality of our testing services.

Katleen Peymen, Senior Expert at Nelson Labs and responsible for the Healthcare Processing Team in Leuven explains: “In the past months, we have significantly expanded the working space in our lab. The space where our people operate has nearly doubled. In our laboratory for cleaning validations, a clear separation between the dirty and clean areas has been fully optimized. In other words, activities related to artificial contamination of medical devices and the inspection of test result analysis, take place in separate dedicated areas. This is an ideal way of working that allows us to tightly control the risk of contamination.”

For several years, the focus of Nelson Labs’ Healthcare Processing Team in Leuven has been on further optimizing efficiency within the laboratory space. At the same time, we are now aiming to accelerate our efforts to uphold the reputation of being a lean lab in today’s high-tech era. This commitment is reflected in our ongoing investment in innovative equipment, including the recently purchased ultrasonic cleaner. “The cleaning power of an ultrasonic cleaner is excellent and helps us further expand our offering by being able to clean devices from within,” explains Katleen Peymen.

Another aspect that contributes to employees being more effective is how we organize ourselves as a team. Last year, comprehensive cross-training of the Healthcare Reprocessing team in Leuven was a top priority.

“We aim to be a team where everyone can support each other. This not only makes our work more interesting but also accelerates the turnaround time for the tests entrusted to us by our customers, allowing us to enhance their effectiveness,” concludes Katleen Peymen.

Katleen Peymen, PhD

Senior Expert

Katleen Peymen received her PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from the Faculty of Science at the University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2019. After her career as a post-doctoral researcher, she started at Nelson Labs Europe in 2020 as a Study Director for Healthcare reprocessing and Microbiology. She is responsible for the study design, analysis and reporting of healthcare reprocessing validations for reusable medical devices, such as cleaning, disinfection, and steam sterilization validations, and is an active member of several International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committees related to healthcare reprocessing.