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Zone of Inhibition Test

Zone of Inhibition Test

The Zone of Inhibition test is a quick qualitative method for determining activity of diffusible antimicrobial agents. It is performed on any product that contains a leachable antimicrobial chemistry, and may include solutions or treated materials. This test allows the customer to quickly and easily determine if a product has antimicrobial properties.

The test is an adaptation of the disk diffusion (Kirby-Bauer) method for antibiotic susceptibility testing. Nelson Laboratories offers quick turnaround time and quality procedures performed by an experienced and well-trained staff.

Test Options

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Code Test Request Quote
ZHT110 Zone of Inhibition: Test set up and protocol Add
ZHT110 - Zone of Inhibition: Test set up and protocol

Sample Specifications

ZHT110: Quantity = Number of oranisms used

Study Outline

In the Zone of Inhibition procedure, the test organism is spread evenly over the entire surface of an agar plate. The antimicrobial test specimen is then applied to the center of the plate.

After incubation, a “zone of inhibition,” or clear area of uninterrupted growth underneath and around the test material, indicates the presence of antimicrobial activity. An untreated control sample is tested under the same conditions to ensure adequate control of the test system.
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