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Real Time Aging

Real Time Aging

Real time aging analyzes the conditions of packages and/or products and the effects that time and aging has on them. Real-Time Aging is performed in conjunction with Accelerated Aging tests.

Applicable Standards

  • ISO 11607

Test Options

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Code Test Request Quote
PKG105 Packaging: Visual Inspection (channels) Add
PKG106 Packaging: Visual Inspection (annex/labels) Add
PKG150 Packaging: Real Time Aging Study Add
PKG105 - Packaging: Visual Inspection (channels)
PKG106 - Packaging: Visual Inspection (annex/labels)
PKG150 - Packaging: Real Time Aging Study

Sample Specifications

PKG150: up to 10 cubic feet

Study Outline

The test is conducted by placing the test item on a shelf and allowing it to be exposed to typical storage conditions, doing this will establish the items accurate expiration date. This process is performed in monitored conditions, though controlled conditions may be available upon request.
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