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What You’ll Learn at the MD&M West Nelson Laboratories Classroom on Packaging Test Methods for Validation of Sterile Barrier Materials


Wendy Mach will present various test methods for validating the sterility of medical device packaging at the 2014 MD&M West Conference. Wendy is a Section Leader at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her presentation will include:

  • How to determine the appropriate sample size
  • How to select and perform tests such as seal peel, burst testing, visual inspection, dye migration, bubble emission, microbial ranking, whole package microbial challenge, and ASTMF 2638
  • How to evaluate packaging test results for the product design file

Take Away:

  • Attendees will learn to select the best test method to validate their medical device packaging


Wendy will present for approximately one hour at the Nelson Laboratories classroom in 208AB on February 12, 2014 at 2:00 PM.

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Nelson Laboratories website: www.nelsonlabs.com