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Testing 3D printed medical devices for biocompatibility

Published In: 3D Printing Media Network

Matthew R. Jorgensen, PhD, DABT explains how 3D printed medical devices are tested for biocompatibility

 In this article, Matthew R. Jorgensen, PhD, DABT, Chemistry and Materials Scientist at Nelson Labs, explains how testing 3D printed medical devices verifies biocompatibility in an industry where safety is paramount. Nelson Labs is the leading global provider of laboratory testing and expert advisory services for MedTech and pharmaceutical companies, and Dr. Jorgensen has expertise in areas such as the fabrication of structures with micro- and nano-patterning. 

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Matthew Jorgensen

Matthew Jorgensen

Chemistry and Materials Scientist

Dr. Jorgensen is an expert in chemistry and materials science. He has over a decade of experience designing, synthesizing, and analyzing complex materials. His analytical chemistry background includes research in organic chemistry synthesizing and analyzing a naturally occurring anti-cancer drug, computational treatment of photothermal spectroscopy, and professionally in a commercial lab. Most of his materials...