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Rapid Sterility Testing: A New Solution For Short Shelf Life Products

All drug products have to undergo sterility testing to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Parenteral drug products go through especially rigorous testing to ensure sterility and safety. To do otherwise would risk contamination, which can lead to expensive, reputation-damaging recalls and illness. Until recently though, current testing methods have fallen short for products intended for immediate use. Read more about how Rapid Sterility Testing can offer a solution for short shelf life products.

Rupinder Puar

Rupinder Puar

Senior Lab Operations Manager

Rupinder is a Microbiologist with a BSc in Microbiology from Rutgers University, a Masters in English, a BSc in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from Punjab University, India and a Bachelor of Science in Education from GNDU University, Punjab India. She joined Gibraltar Laboratories in May of 2009 as a Microbiologist. In January of 2011, she...


Jennifer Vaval

Senior Laboratory Operations Manager- Sterility


Natalia Ramos

Laboratory Analyst

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