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Protective Barriers Sample Submission

We do not require a formal quote to submit samples, but if you need one, you can request a formal quote with your Customer Profile Form or if you are new to Nelson Labs you can REQUEST A QUOTE NOW
(Turnaround time to receive a formal quote is 5-7 days)

Allow 3-5 business days for quote processing

Please complete the Sample Submission form below and (if applicable) the Face Mask Testing Parameters Request

Having trouble downloading the PDF? Use our online form, use Internet Explorer, or view the downloaded form in Adobe Acrobat Reader https://get.adobe.com/reader/

*Complete one sample submission form per test code.  Each form must be signed.

*Choose the Salt Lake City location -this will populate the shipping address on your form

Samples should be addressed to:

Sample Login
Nelson Labs
6280 S. Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Sample Submission Form Instructions:

  • Fill out all sponsor and billing information – the contact listed as the sponsor will be our contact for questions, information and delivery of the final report
  • Include a PO number (if applicable, if prepayment was made, leave blank)
  • Include quote # if one was issued
  • Use the Test codes that were issued on the quote, or that was found on the website
  • Enter the test description from the quote
  • Enter # of samples sent, and # to test.
  • Enter Sample ED, exactly how it is to be reported on the final report. We highly recommend using at least one of the following identifiers: product name, batch number, part number, lot number.
  • There should be one sample submission form for EACH TEST that is to be performed. (Ex, If the sponsor needs BFE101C, PFE115C and SBP210C, 3 sample submission forms will need to be created)
  • Include testing instructions (what side is to be tested, sample manipulation, what size particle filter, etc) in Comments and Special Handling Instructions. This is needed or there will be delays.
  • Check all applicable boxes on the bottom of the form. STAT is not guaranteed, but subject to availability
  • Physically SIGN the form. Wet copy needs to be included in shipment. Electronic signatures are not accepted.

Include copies of the SSF’s, testing detail form, Quotes, PO’s/proof of payments and any instructions WITH samples in shipment.


Payment is required prior to testing start:

  • REMIT TO: 29471 Network Place | Chicago, IL 60673-1294 U.S.A.
  • WIRE: Routing Number: 021000021 | SWIFT: CHASUS33 | Account Number: 641403803
  • ACH: Routing Number: 124001545 | Account Number: 641403803
  • CREDIT CARD: Pay Online https://www.nelsonlabs.com/pay-bill/

What’s next?

When samples have arrived, it will take up to 5 business days to get them entered into our system. We are not able to confirm individual orders from tracking information due to the volume of orders we are receiving.   You will receive a confirmation when your study has been logged in and assigned an order and lab number.

If any of the above is missing from your Sample Submission, there WILL be additional delays. Once all information is verified (completed & signed SSF, testing instructions, payment) samples will go into the testing queue. You will receive an email with a link to our portal, the Nelson Labs number the sample has been assigned, and a guide to navigating the portal. Please check the portal for testing updates and your estimated completion date. This is also where you will be able to receive the final report, when available.