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Equipment Sterilization – A Necessity for Medical Services

By: Daniel Prince

Equipment sterilization plays a major role in laboratory testing and medical services. Instrument sterilization is carried out with the help of devices that are specifically produced for the same purpose and cater to the strict standards that are required for the safety and well being of the patients as well as the doctors, nurses and other staffs. Inappropriate equipment sterilization can pose a great threat on the proper functioning of medical facilities which, in turn, has a profound adverse effect on the health and well being of millions of people all around the world. It is widely accepted that in the absence of proper medical equipment sterilization, medical institution would not be able to function as reliable health care facilities.

There are several kinds of equipment that are used for medical purposes: diagnosis equipment, life support, therapeutic instruments, laboratory equipment and monitors. Diagnostic equipment can determine a disorder or a disease in a patient. Examples of diagnosis equipment are CT scanners, MRI, X-ray machines, PET, etc. Therapeutic equipment is used for assisting those patients who have undergone surgical procedures. Life support equipment maintains the normal bodily functions of a patient whereas, monitoring devices measure the medical state of a patient like vital signs, blood pressure, etc. The equipment in the laboratories is used for the analysis of urine, blood samples, etc.

It is of little consequence which device is being used; since instrument sterilization is a necessity for the proper care and maintenance of each and every medical instrument. It is also important for the purpose of safeguarding against transmissible infections and other diseases. Apart from the disposable equipment that is thrown after a single use, every instrument needs equipment sterilization before and after every use. The monetary aspect of disposing of expensive instruments is also not a viable option.

Instrument sterilization is a process that should be carried out with proper care and precision so that all the instruments can be used time and again for a longer period of time with maximum effectiveness.

Equipment sterilization can be done simply by washing the equipment with detergent and running water. Alcohol can also be used for this purpose. This is a simple sterilization method. However, it may not be suitable for cleaning each and every item in this manner. There are other equipments that need complex and sophisticated sterilization methods like ultrasound cleaning and pressured steam. It is better that the sterilization process is done by a person who is trained in this field and can carry out the process in detail.