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Dennis Jenke, PhD

Dennis Jenke, PhD

Principal Consultant

In March 2017, Dr. Dennis Jenke became Principal Consultant for Nelson Labs Europe.

In this role, Dr. Jenke supports the customers of Nelson Labs Europe in the discussion of general principles, concepts, tactics, and/or strategy related to chemical characterization and qualification of materials, components, and systems used in these industries. Furthermore, as Principal Consultant, Dr. Jenke can provide Nelson Labs Europe clients with science-based expert insights into the design, justification, interpretation, and regulatory requirements of the related chemical assessment studies and programs.

Dr. Jenke is also the founder of Triad Scientific Solutions LLC, a consultant-based technical service organization that provides the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and related industries with integrated, science-based, and practical solutions to suitability for use challenges for packaging, manufacturing components and systems, and devices. Dr. Jenke was a Distinguished Scientist at Baxter Health Care Corporation for more than three decades where his primary responsibility involved the assessment of material/product compatibility, including extractables and leachables testing. He has published extensively in the areas of analytical chemistry, material/solution compatibility, and extractables and leachables. Dr. Jenke serves as an expert reviewer for numerous pharmaceutical and analytical journals and is a member of several industry groups such as USP, PQRI, AAMI/ISO, and ELSIE.