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Guidance for Understanding Container Closure Integrity Test Failures

Published Date: October 5, 2022

Does a container closure integrity test (CCIT) failure always mean a defective closure? In this webinar, failure modes that can occur on a perfectly sealed container will be discussed along with how to determine if a CCIT failure is a true container leak or something else. Additionally, learn about the value of product-specific method qualifications to ensure the test method and fixturing are suitable for your product, as using a less-than-ideal test setup can lead to false failures.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of CCI test methodology and validation
  • Common failure modes that are not true leaks
  • Benefits of individual method qualification and cost
Jennifer Gygi

Jennifer Gygi

Packaging Expert

Jennifer Gygi is an Expert Technical Consultant at Nelson Laboratories; a microbiological testing company specializing in improving the quality of life by ensuring medical products are safe, sterile, and functional. Jennifer has over 26 years of laboratory experience at Nelson Labs. She has worked in the Microbiology, Bioburden, Organism IDs, Packaging and QC Validations groups....


Logan Luke

Logan holds a degree in microbiology and has 5 years of experience working at Nelson Labs. He has worked in the sterilization, IDs, and packaging departments. He has extensive knowledge in the packaging section and has aided many customers with their package testing needs, from the benchtop to trouble shooting and validation design. He is well versed in a broad spectrum of packaging tests, from lot release package testing for pharmaceutical products to full package validations, including shipping and distribution. He is also a member of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA).

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