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COVID-19, what we learned from the race to supply the market with respirators, masks, and other PPE

Published Date: June 23, 2020

During these unprecedented times, medical device companies needed to be quick on their feet. These past few months, manufacturers were challenged by emergency authorization orders from FDA, an industry shortage of PPE, and limited testing capabilities. This session will cover the quick collaborations between regulators, laboratories, and medical device sponsors to meet the need. We will also discuss the learning that developed during this crisis and how you can apply this learning going forward to make our industry stronger.

Key points in this webinar:

  • What you need during the pandemic to get vital devices in the hands of the users?
  • What considerations is FDA asking for?
    • How did we show these devices were safe to the users—not just effective?
  • How can we apply these learnings post pandemic?
Thor Rollins

Thor Rollins

Biocompatibility Expert

Thor Rollins is a certified microbiologist and specializes in the selection and conduct of in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility tests. He actively speaks on biocompatibility related topics through Nelson Labs’ external seminars, webinars, and tradeshows. He presented on biocompatibility at the American College of Toxicology annual meeting in 2013 and has published many articles...

Todd Hillam

Senior Scientist

Todd Hillam has 18 years of experience at Nelson Laboratories with 12 managing the Protective Barriers section that performs testing on surgical masks, respirators, gowns, drapes, breathing system filters and other types of filtration products. Todd is an active committee member of both AAMI and ASTM. Todd served as a ASTM F23.40 secretary for 7 years, been a member of working groups and has helped revise standards related to surgical face masks and surgical gowns.

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