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Container Closure Integrity and Stability Testing for Rigid Containers

February 24, 2021

11:00 am MT

Jennifer Gygi

Are you wondering how to set up a stability test plan for your vial product? Are you confused at all the options for Container Closure Integrity Testing and wondering how to decide which one to choose for your product? Then join us for a webinar on Stability and CCI testing. We will outline the basics for setting up a stability test plan for rigid containers including aging conditions and testing frequency. We will look at how probabilistic methods differ from deterministic methods and will discuss each of the common CCI test options outlined in USP 1207. We will conclude with CCI method validation basics.


  • Stability Testing Basics
  • Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Test Methods for CCIT
  • Important Considerations for CCI Testing
  • CCI Test Method Validation Basics