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Analytical Approaches used in E&L studies from Basic Instrumentation to High-End, State-of-the Art Equipment to Support Structural Elucidation

Published Date: September 14, 2022

In this presentation we will visit the analytical laboratory where E&L studies are performed. We will show the kind of equipment we use, where it is used, what the analytical data looks like, and how it is evaluated. We will explain how we can estimate concentrations and identify extractables or leachables and how to avoid and mitigate mistakes?

We will also discuss if a compound is not identified after a first screening round, what are the next possibilities for structural elucidation? Welcome to the analytical lab.

Learn more about the presenter below.

Ward d’Autry

Ward d’Autry PhD

Study Director Structural Elucidation- Nelson Labs

Dr. D’Autry received his PhD from the Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Analysis, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2010. From 2010 to 2017 he worked for DSM and SABIC in Geleen, The Netherlands, where he worked as an R&D scientist developing and optimizing chromatography & mass spectrometry based analytical methods for improved analysis of (complex) petrochemical samples or polymeric systems. Often his work included interpretation of mass spectral data. Since 2017 Dr. d’Autry has worked for Nelson Labs Europe as study director extractables & leachables. In this current role, he manages extractables & leachables studies with focus on manufacturing components. In 2021 he took up a new role as study director structural elucidation, where he manages second-pass identification studies.

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