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Advancing Microbial-Contamination Detection Through Rapid Sterility Testing

Published Date: April 24, 2024

Increasing industry and product demand for expedited product release reinforces the need to embrace rapid sterility technologies. Nelson Labs is pleased to introduce the implementation of the Celsis® Advance II rapid sterility test platform. This versatile technology allows us to deliver fast, reliable, and compliant sterility-testing results tailored to the unique requirements of your product.

In this webinar you can learn more about the following:

  • Celsis® Advance II technology
  • Products that can be supported by Nelson Labs and this technology
  • A path to a rapid method for your product

Learn more about the presenters below.


Zachary Anderson

Sterility Assurance Segment Leader

Zachary's career at Nelson Labs began in the BET lab in June 2000. Over the years, he has transitioned through various technical roles, including lab analyst, study director, and technical specialist. In 2010 he ventured into management, initially overseeing the BET department and later managing multiple lab sections. By 2017 he took on the role of Director of Laboratory Operations at the Salt Lake City site and eventually assumed site leadership in New Jersey. During his tenure Zachary has gained extensive experience in benchwork, management, and leadership across departments, supporting sterility assurance, environmental monitoring, packaging, filter testing, microbial IDs, non-sterile product testing (USP <60>, <61>, and <62>), reprocessed medical devices, mycoplasma testing, antimicrobials, analytical chemistry, and more, encompassing routine and project workflows. Currently Zachary serves as the Global Sterility Assurance Segment Lead for Nelson Labs, where he supports global sterility assurance and complementary testing initiatives, collaborating with Sterigenics and Regulatory Compliance Associates (RCA).


Scott Dimond

Senior Scientist 

Scott's career started at Nelson Labs in June 1988 when the company was only three years old. He initially started performing bioburden testing as an analyst, learning aseptic techniques and radiation methods. This testing was followed by BET testing, mainly using the LAL gel-clot method to detect pyrogenicity. Along with others he then helped initiate optical density kinetic methods at Nelson Labs.  Over the years he has transitioned through various roles, including Biocompatibility Study Director, performing thousands of MEM elution and agar overlay tests. He helped bring up the chromosomal aberration test to Nelson Labs. He then assisted in healthcare reprocessing, helping validate the TIR-30 medical device reprocessing tests. He was also a manager in the sterility assurance where he gained much knowledge of cleanroom operations, isolator methods, and method-suitability testing.  As a subcontracting biocompatibility specialist he assisted manufacturers with biosafety testing, consulting, writing justification rationales, risk assessments, and opinion letters for biocompatibility and extraction and leachable testing.  For the last 5 years Scott has been a senior scientist, using his unique breadth of scientific knowledge to benefit Nelson Labs and sponsors around the world. ​​

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