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Every year, thousands of medical device, pharmaceutical, and tissue companies make Nelson Labs their testing laboratory of choice. For them, the decision is easy: Nelson Labs is a clear leader in the microbiology testing, analytical chemistry, and expert advisory services. Nelson Labs Europe’s capabilities are complementary to the Nelson Labs’ existing testing portfolio and, in combination, makes Nelson Labs one of the premiere global E&L laboratory testing platforms.

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Based in Leuven, Belgium, Nelson Labs Europe is a center of excellence providing premium extractables and leachables testing services to the pharmaceutical, biological, and medical device industries. With a strong mission of Safeguarding Global Health and a belief that every test matters, we go beyond exceptional quality and rigorous testing standards to provide solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize client risk. We know the pharmaceutical products and medical devices we test are as important as the patients they represent. It’s why we set such high standards, ensure accuracy, and work directly with clients to help solve complex issues.

Our history. Our business began as Toxikon Europe N.V. in 1991, and became the unrivaled leader in extractables and leachables testing—with a world-class compound database. We were acquired by Nelson Labs in 2017 and renamed Nelson Labs Europe. We retain our expertise, exclusive database, state-of-the-art equipment, and our market leadership in extractables and leachables testing. Now, as part of Nelson Labs we offer a broader suite of integrated analytical, chemical characterization, and microbiological services to our clients through a network of global laboratories.
Breadth of service. As part of Nelson Labs, we have a greater range of services to offer our clients. We serve the pharmaceutical and medical device industries continuously from the early stages of product development through manufacturing, sterilization, and quality assurance testing.
Delivering value. We provide superior testing solutions and personalized service for every client and every project, offering industry-leading expertise, quality, and results that deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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