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Coronavirus & Barrier Material Tests

According to the CDC and OSHA, when there is possible contact with the corona virus, the minimum recommended protection is an N95 disposable respirator. N-series filters are evaluated using a sub-micron 0.3µm Sodium Chloride aerosol applied at a flow rate of 85 L/min. Nelson Labs can pre-qualify your product for certification by NIOSH and perform routine testing following certification to verify manufacturers maintain quality levels as required by NIOSH. The required tests for pre-qualification are: 1) filtration efficiency, 2) inhalation resistance, 3) exhalation resistance, and 4) exhalation valve leak (when applicable). There are additional respiratory protective standards required in other countries, including CSA Z94.4-01 in Canada, HSE 282/28 in the United Kingdom, AS/NZS 1715:1994 in Australia and EN529:2005 in Europe.

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