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Virus and Virucidal Testing

Virucidal testing measures the efficacy of disinfectant claims on virus killing. Efficacy data must be provided to register a virucidal disinfectant for market release. Nelson Labs has experience testing many different disinfectants against an assortment of viruses, including herpesvirus 1 (HSV1), human coronavirus, and HIV. To ensure virucidal testing is done precisely and effectively, it must be done according to a set of standards.

Our testing is done in compliance with ASTM E 1052 and ASTM E 1053. Test methods may be modified to meet your testing needs. Viruses may be acquired as necessary. Our scientifically sounding test includes tight controls that can give clients a high level of confidence in their test results.

Applicable Standards

  • ASME 1052
  • ASME 1053

Testing Locations

  • Fairfield, NJ, USA

To learn more about this facility and its certifications, click here. 

Study Outline

The virus is dried on a carrier (hard non-porous surface, such as glass) and treated with a disinfectant. The virus is recovered and allowed to infect host cells. Infection is observed by Cytopathec Effect (CPE). the infectious virus titer is measured by 50% Tissue Culture Infective Does (TCID50) for carriers before and after treatment. The log reduction is determined for the disinfectant.

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