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Sophie Michel

Sophie Michel

PhD, Ir
Biocompatibility Expert

Dr. Michel is a biocompatibility expert in the evaluation of medical devices through in-vitro, in-vivo and chemical characterization testing. During her PhD, she worked on the development of a green chemical process to improve flax fibers biocompatibility for surgical applications. For this purpose, she routinely performed cytotoxicity and proliferation assays, endotoxin analyses, haemocompatibility tests, and interpreted the results of several in-vivo implantation studies.

In 2015, Dr. Michel started her career at Nelson Labs Europe. She was responsible for the design, analysis, and reporting of chemical characterization studies on medical devices. She helped sponsors developing extractables & leachables studies for various types of applications (orthopedic, cardiovascular, dental, wound dressings, combination products…), with a deep understanding of the region specific regulatory requirements. In 2019, Dr Michel joined the technical consulting group of Nelson Labs as biocompatibility expert thanks to her multidisciplinary experience. She is a participating member of several ISO 10993 committees, and actively speaks on biocompatibility and chemical characterization topics through external trainings, seminars, webinars and conferences.