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Rupinder Puar

Rupinder Puar

Senior Lab Operations Manager

Rupinder is a Microbiologist with a BSc in Microbiology from Rutgers University, a Masters in English, a BSc in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from Punjab University, India and a Bachelor of Science in Education from GNDU University, Punjab India.

She joined Gibraltar Laboratories in May of 2009 as a Microbiologist. In January of 2011, she was promoted to the Quality Assurance Department and as deputy in QA (micro) was responsible for reviewing all test reports associated with Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Virology, and Sterilization work. In December of 2017, Rupinder was promoted to a QA Manager position.

Recently she transitioned back into the lab in June of 2019, as a Senior Lab Operations Microbiology Manager.  She is responsible for overseeing Sterility, Media Prep Lab, Molecular Bio, Virology, Environmental Monitoring and Bioburden departments.