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Gregory Grams

Gregory Grams

Sterilization Technical Director, Expert Advisory Services

Gregory is a Sterilization Technical Director with Sterigenics. He is responsible for the development of new cycles, customer validation, and R&D projects. He is a leader in validation, development, and cycle design and improvements. Gregory is an active trainer who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through formal seminars at trade shows, as well as informal customer training. He has been published in Medical Design & Outsourcing and Med Device Online and holds a patent EP 638909A1: “Process for preparing sterile Brinzolamide” (European patent application, 18/09/2013, F. Porstmann, J. Ondracek, K-T, Van Van, G. Grams).

Gregory is also a member of ISO TC198 – WG1 for EO sterilization representing Belgium in the ISO committee.