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Extractables & Leachables Virtual Forum 2020

September 2, 2020
September 3, 2020

1:45 pm CEST

Nelson Labs

We are excited to announce that Nelson Labs will speak at the premier edition of the Informa Markets ‘Extractables & Leachables Virtual Forum’, on september 2-3, 2020. Due to the global spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, Informa Markets is organizing a Live Virtual Forum on the importance of the studies of Extractable and Leachable substances. When making Parenteral Drug Products, pharmaceutical companies have need to further investigate the materials that will be in contact with the drug product, either during manufacturing, intermediate storage, storage in its final packaging, or during the delivery of the drug to the patient. While historically, the potential safety issues were the main driver in these kinds of investigations, recently, also quality issues – i.e. for biopharmaceuticals – have become an additional concern.

During this first edition, our Head Study Director Anja Cerstiaens, PhD, will represent Nelson Labs. She will give a presentation on Thursday 3 September, 13:45-14:05 (CEST). Here she will talk about the following subject:

A Modular Approach Towards Generation of Leachable Data to Support Regulatory Filings:

  • Ways for setting up a leachable study
  • Identifying challenges with known and unknown extractable data for identifying potential leachable compounds
  • Risk assessment strategy with identification of better method development and validation process
  • Discovering targeted & non-targeted leachable screening and stop limits
  • Crafting stability plan for leachable studies

We look forward to meeting you (virtually) during this two-day conference. Register via the link below. Registration costs 500 USD per delegate.



Anja Cerstiaens

Anja Cerstiaens

Department Head Study Director

Anja leads the study director team managing the E&L projects within Nelson Labs Europe. With a strong background in analytical chemistry, she has been reaching out to customers globally for the past 12 years, helping them overcome challenges related to extractables and leachables testing. Her team has developed and expanded to 25 study directors, leveraging...