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Biocompatibility Matters Conference – Copenhagen

October 5, 2022
October 6, 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

Barbara Deckers
+32 16 40 04 84

We are proud to invite you for the Biocompatibility Matters Conference  to take place in IDA Conference Centre – Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-6 October.

Our experts Dries Cardoen & Mikaelle Giffin, will deliver each a presentation at this event.

  • October 5, presentation of Dries Cardoen – Senior Study Director Nelson Labs

      Best analytical practices for minimizing “unknown” compounds


  • October 5, presentation of Mikaelle Giffin (USA), Associate Toxicologist Nelson Labs

        In vitro thrombosis

Find more information about this event at: https://www.limulusbio.com/programme/