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Life Sciences

Global experts start here working alongside the world’s foremost medical and pharma testing and compliance experts.

As one of the nation’s largest microbiology laboratories, we are shaping the future of the MedTech and pharma industries while ensuring patient safety. There are many opportunities to grow with Nelson Labs. View Current Job Openings.

Meet Some of Our Life Sciences Professionals.

Alpa: Senior Scientist, Lab Management

“My career at Nelson Labs has allowed me the opportunity to work with global organizations that impact patients around the world. I have been able to advise these groups through committees and training – knowing that their standards dictate the safety of medical devices.”

Alpa started her career at Nelson Labs after graduating college in 2003. She started as a Technician in the Healthcare Reprocessing department. It was not long before she was promoted to Study Director, and from there worked her way to Senior Scientist. Alpa sits on the AAMI, ASTM, and ISO committees that govern the domestic and international standards for the medical device industry.

Quinton: Senior Lab Operations Manager

“Working with the customers to ensure our processes provide the best testing services and customer experience is something I really enjoy. I have been given many opportunities to learn from experts in my field, and implement those experiences to improve both of these areas in my roles at Nelson Labs.”

Quinton started his career at Nelson Labs as a Bacterial Endotoxin (BET) Analyst in 2006. Quinton quickly became a Section Leader and go-to consultant for endotoxin testing questions. This expertise and his Registered Microbiologist certification contributed to his growth within the company to a Department Manager. In this role, Quinton worked to streamline the BET testing processes and reduce turnaround times in his department. His hard work and dedication in these areas led to further growth and his position of BET Section Leader, where he is constantly doing what he enjoys most: improving scientific processes and guiding clients through their testing needs.

Dania: Senior Scientist, Lab Management

“Every day I remind myself how fortunate I am to work at a company that allows me to perform at my best, take risks, and try new things for the greater good. I like my job and have been able to explore many different roles within Nelson Labs.”

Dania’s career at Nelson Labs exemplifies the opportunities that are available within the company. She started as a Study Director in 2006, moved into the position of Department Manager in 2009, and became Section Leader for the Sterility Department in 2013. Dania is currently managing our Senior Scientist group. Dania holds a Master of Science in Microbiology.

Matt: Chemistry and Materials Scientist

“I have the pleasure of working daily with clients and colleagues to make a difference in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. I am able to use my materials chemistry background to influence products that go to market and positively impact patient safety.”

Matt joined the Technical Consulting group at Nelson Labs in 2016 as a Chemistry and Materials Consultant. He brings to the organization over a decade of international materials research. Matt shares some of his expertise when presenting at the quarterly Nelson Labs’ seminars, “The Validation of Sterile Medical Devices.”

He has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles and has a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry.

Audrey: Senior Scientist and Consultant

“I have truly enjoyed working at Nelson Labs over these past 20 years. One of the favorite aspects of my job is the customer-focused approach we take in every situation to give our clients peace of mind knowing that they have someone in their corner. Also collaborating with regulatory bodies in ISO meetings and other laboratories around the world to improve testing has truly opened my eyes to how impactful this work can be.”

Audrey started as a bioburden lab technician in 1996 and has since held multiple study director positions over various other tests. Prior to her current role as Senior Scientist, Audrey was the department scientist in the biocompatibility lab. She is a biocompatibility expert and has performed all of the in vitro tests offered at Nelson Labs, which includes cytotoxicity (MEM and agar overlay), hemolysis (PTT, PT, complement activation, blood circulation, ASTM, and NIH methods) and genotoxicity (Ames and chromosomal aberration). Audrey also has experience performing, consulting, and training: bioburden, microbial IDs, sterility, and bacteriostasis/fungistasis testing. Audrey instructs biocompatibility at the Nelson Labs’ quarterly seminars, “The Science of Sterilization Validation.” She has written articles for industry publications, has authored white papers, and is a sought-after presenter at industry events and webinars.


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