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We understand the importance of work-life balance. The average person will spend 90,000 hours at their workplace over a lifetime so it is safe to say your job can make a huge impact on your quality of life. We encourage our employees to get involved in our various committees which allow everyone to have fun and contribute to the overall well-being of our Nelson Labs family. Here are just a few of our many committees available to all employees regardless of role or employment type. We have several committees of employees who work to help create events, charitable opportunities, and other fun things to try out.

“To improve the quality of life by immersing ourselves in the community and sharing the time, talents and spirit of our unique family culture.”

NelsonHope is a charity organization that was formed by employees of Nelson Labs in 2008. Since that time, NelsonHope has contributed to numerous charities, assisted employees in need, and volunteered with a variety of organizations since its creation. Helping our own employees is an important part of our family and corporate culture. Our NelsonHope committee has provided a way for us to respectfully and appropriately serve our fellow employees in times of great need.

Some past activities that NelsonHope has facilitated include:

  • Blood Drives
  • Clothing Drives
  • Food Bank Support
  • JEF Hygiene Kits for Kids
  • MDA Fill-The-Boot
  • Holiday Service & Donations
  • Community Service Projects
  • Youth & Adult Programs
  • Helping Our Own Employees in an Appropriate Way by Working with Human Resources


Our funding is derived from the following:

  • Dollar Donor: Employees contributing to the monthly $1 donor program have donations auto-deducted from their payroll which must be used to support another 501(c)(3) organization.*
  • In-Kind Donations: Clothing, canned foods, etc.
  • Fundraisers: Special fundraising events can be authorized to raise money as needed to help employees in special circumstances (yard sales, bake sales, etc.)
  • Matching: Generous matching donations (Sotera Health, Nelson Laboratories, and Jeff Nelson’s personal match)


2019 Nelson Hope Projects

February-Valentines Day Cookies (Avalon West)

March- Huntsman Cancer Foundation

AprilBlood Drive (American Red Cross)

July-MDA (Muscle Dystrophy Association)

August- Salt Lake County Animal Services

September- Jordan Education Foundation

December- Nelson Christmas Tree (Christmas Box House and Avalon West)

December- Bake and Craft Sale (TBD)

WISE – Women in STEM Education

Nelson labs is a big supporter of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). WISE is our Women In Stem Education committee and this group offers activities and events aimed towards engaging women in these areas at Nelson Labs and throughout the community. Our mission is to promote STEM careers and education for women at Nelson Labs and extend our passion for STEM careers to the community.

In addition to promoting STEM careers we provide a networking forum for Nelson staff, discussing topics relevant to women.  Participation in this committee gives employees an opportunity to be role models for youth in the community in hopes to inspire them to be part of STEM fields.  As women hold fewer than 25% of STEM jobs in the US, the WISE committee especially encourages girls to explore these career options.


Past Events Include:

  • Expanding Your Horizons
  • STEMFest
  • SheTech
  • Elementary School Events
  • Monument Valley Career Fair
  • Literacy Night

Our Wellness Committee works to implement fun activities and new initiatives to help Nelson Labs employees stay healthy. This includes our wellness garden, on-site gym activities, and corporate sporting events. We support our goal of improved wellness by helping employees to build and maintain healthy habits, advertising upcoming support and education opportunities, and by providing enticing nutrition choices on campus. Our Wellness Committee also puts together a monthly newsletter that is distributed via email. Topics include: Physical Fitness, Hike of the Month, Mental Wellness, Nutrition, Healthcare Services, Physical Wellness, and Current Wellness Trends. 

The Nelson Total Wellness program is compromised of four categories:
  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Mental Wellness
  3. Nutrition
  4. Healthcare Services


The Program is Simple!

Once you complete a task in all four categories and they are signed-off on, you get to choose a prize from our Wellness Committee. Not only that, but you will also be entered into the quarterly and yearly raffles put on by the committee.