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Weight Uniformity

Weight Uniformity

The Weight Uniformity test measures the basis of fabrics and is a standardized method of measuring weight. Nelson Laboratories is an active member of the ASTM committees and performs this test in compliance with ASTM D 3776: Standard Test Method for Mass per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric.

Applicable Standards

  • ASTM D3776

Test Options

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Code Test Request Quote
WUT101 Weight Uniformity Test (per set, up to 11) Add
WUT101 - Weight Uniformity Test (per set, up to 11)

Study Outline

The Weight Uniformity test has four approved options in the measurement of fabric mass per unit area:
  • Option A may be used for acceptance testing of commercial shipments since it has been used extensively in the trade.
  • Option B is applicable to a full-width sample cut from a full piece, roll, bolt or cut. Unless otherwise specified, these results will include selvages and will be on the basis of conditioned fabric.
  • Option C is applicable when a small swatch of fabric is sent to the laboratory to be used as the test specimen. The results are considered to be applicable to the sample only, and not necessarily to the lot from which the sample was taken. Measurements by this method do not include selvages and should be reported as such, unless a selvage allowance is specified.
  • Option D is intended for use with narrow fabrics as so designated by the trade.
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