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Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis

Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis

The Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis determines the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in topical solutions and the amount of residual hydrogen peroxide that remains on materials or devices after hydrogen peroxide sterilization. It ensures that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in solutions, swabs, medical devices and related products is within the specified requirements for use and labeling.

Nelson Laboratories offers a very sensitive method for hydrogen peroxide residue analysis with a validated limit of detection of 0.29 ppm. This test complies with USP Official Monograph: Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution.

Shipping: Sterilization and shipping conditions are not the responsibility of Nelson Laboratories. It is recommended that medical devices and materials be shipped on dry ice. Liquid samples should be shipped at 2 – 8°C.

Storage: Hydrogen peroxide is light sensitive, so it is recommended that all samples be stored in the dark or wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent uncontrolled degradation of the hydrogen peroxide by light.
Samples may be stored frozen <-10°C when necessary to hold samples until extraction can begin.

Record any aeration or freezing time and temperature between sterilization and extraction, if available.

Test Options

Standard turn around times (TAT) are listed below. Ask an expert for a specific consultation on your product. If you are ready to submit your samples for testing, click here to fill out the Sample Submission Form.

Code Test TAT (days) Request Quote
HPR101 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2): High Level Assay Only w/ 3 titrations 10 Add
HPR210 Hydrogen Peroxide Residuals: Low Level Detection (Ext. & Assay) 5 Add
HPR101 - Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2): High Level Assay Only w/ 3 titrations
TAT: 10 days
HPR210 - Hydrogen Peroxide Residuals: Low Level Detection (Ext. & Assay)
TAT: 5 days

Sample Specifications

HPR210: Determined by client

Study Outline

The Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis follows two methods:

Hydrogen Peroxide Titration Assay (high level): This titration is specific to determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in topical solutions. It is an oxidation-reduction reaction of hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate under acidic conditions. The assay is performed in triplicate. 
Hydrogen Peroxide Spectrophotometric Assay (low level): This assay is specific to determining residual amounts of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) remaining on the surface of medical devices or materials after hydrogen peroxide sterilization. The devices and/or materials are extracted in purified water; the extract is then processed with xylenol orange for detection by ultraviolet-visible (UV/Vis) spectroscopy and is immediately analyzed.
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